Maintenance and Servicing

Regular servicing and preventative maintenance is vital to ensuring the smooth operation of printing equipment and avoiding unnecessary downtime. Not every company has permanent qualified staff on site to regularly maintain their equipment. This is where B.T.T.R. Offset Services can help. We have qualified service technicians available to meet your service and maintenance needs. Prevent a problem before it starts, and contact B.T.T.R. Offset Services today.



Even with regular service and maintenance printing equipment can break down. B.T.T.R. Offset Services offers a full suite of repair services. Most repairs can be completed onsite with little downtime.



If you are looking to add, upgrade or replace equipment and you don't know what you need, we can help. Our local and experienced team can assess your needs and guide you in making the right decision. With our end to end sales and installation services, you can be confident in the operation of your new equipment. With B.T.T.R. Offset Services you are not just getting quality equipment, you are getting quality service.